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Cultural tour to Omo valley

There are 83 nation nationalities found in Ethiopia with different customs and traditions the most interesting and unique of this cultures is visiting the colorful Omo valley tribes, the Omo valley is one of the most spectacular place for cultural diversity, you can see the different breath taking cultures of the real African experience there are many tribes with their distinguish cultural treasure some of this tribes are Hammer, Mursi, Ari, Dorze, Banna, Konso, Nyangatom, Surma, Karo, Budi and Dasenech tribes.

  1. City tour in Addis Ababa

    After arrival you will make a check in at your hotel then you will start the Addis Ababa city tours starting from the Biggest open air market in Africa known as Merkato then you will visit the National Museum of Ethiopia where you can visit the ancient hominid of 3.18 years fossil known as Lucy then transfer to your hotel, Jupiter Hotel or Similar.

  2. Drive to Arbaminch

    After arrival at Arbaminch transfer hotel then drive to Dorze tribe village which is located 8 km from Arbaminch Dorze people are well known by their weaving and their amazing house building, paradise lodge or similar.

  3. Drive to Jinka Via Key Afer

    After you make a boat trip on Lake Chamo to watch the crocodile market proceed driving to Jinka, then you will visit the south Omo Ethnological museum transfer to your Hotel, Eco-Omo Safari Lodge or similar.

  4. Drive to Mago national park

    Drive in to Mago national park to visit the Mursi people the woman who is well known by their clay disc on their lower lip, drive back to Jinka then proceed driving to Turmi town lunch will be at Key Afer town after arrival at Turmi if there is a bull jumping ceremony in Hammer tribe village you will attend the program also you will visit the Hammer people village, Paradise Lodge or similar

  5. Excursion to Omorate then Drive to Karat

    Crossing the Omo River by local boat excursion to visit the Dasenech tribes observing variety of diverse life style then drive back to Karat town Depending on the day you will visit the colorful Dimeka market then proceed driving to Karat town, Kanta lodge or similar

  6. Drive to Arbaminch town

    visit the interesting Konso people village, watching their cultural landscape terracing which is a UNESCO world heritage, the ancient wooden statues and finally you will visit the Konso people cultural center after lunch proceed driving to Arbamich then drive to Dorze tribe village which is located 8 km from Arbaminch Dorze people are well known by their weaving and their amazing house building, Haile Resort or similar .

  7. Drive to Langano

    Today we will drive to Lake Langano En route you will visit Abijata national park which is the best spot to watch different species of Bird after that proceed driving to Langano then you will make a check in at your hotel located on the Lake shore, if you are interested to swim you can enjoy by it, Sabana beach resort or similar

  8. Drive back to Addis Ababa

    After a leisure breakfast we will drive to Addis Ababa we will stop for lunch at Zuway town where you can see the biggest crater lakes then proceed driving to Addis Ababa, after arrival at Addis Ababa you will attend our fare well dinner at cultural restaurant, depending on your flight schedule you will transfer to airport..

N.B. up on your request this Itinerary can be modify.

please let us know your interest by filling the form, we have a tour packages starting from 3 days to 15 days this tour also can combine with different national parks and lakes.