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1. Who is going to be my guide?

All group and individual tourists will be provided with a professional English speaking Ethiopian guide some of the guides also speak French and Spanish, They are specialized with the Ethiopian tourist destinations, they became lifelong friends with the travelers, up on a request we will provide a Multilanguage Guide.

2. Do I need to get a visa before I depart for Ethiopia?

No. you get your tourist E visa online at or when you arrive at Addis Ababa bole international air port for the citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic , Kuwait, Luxembourg ,Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal ,Russian, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United states of America. This charge only 50$ for 30 days.

3. What are the vehicles like?

Our vehicles are best condition latest Toyota mini buses and Toyota 4WD Land cruisers. Our drivers are trained and qualified by tourism and vehicle maintenance

4. Who own this company?

A one Ethiopia tours is owned by professional Ethiopian tour consultant Michael, who Take so many tourism and hospitality courses in the different University and collages in Ethiopia and out of Ethiopia after having those knowledge’s including his experience plus his passion he open his own tour company after a lot of challenges now this company is became one of the competent tour company in Ethiopia.

5. What to Buy in Ethiopia?

You can buy art works, cultural clothes which are made by hand, cultural jewelers and other souvenir which represents Ethiopia, Making a shopping in Ethiopia markets is negotiating for some people it is fun.

6. When is the best time to visit Ethiopia?

Our country is good all year the rainy season is between June to August so at this time it is hard to do safari and trekking but you can watch easily the historical sites of Ethiopia.

7. Where to stay while I am in Ethiopia?

There are variety of tourist accommodation facilities in all Ethiopian tourist destinations which suite your budget from luxury lodges and Hotels to tented campsites who are owned by local operators and foreign investors, those Hotels and lodges bring you special services such as standard Single, twin or double occupancy and family room, standard food and beverage services whether if you are vegan or meat lover, spa services, high speed WIFI connections, laundry services and so much more.

8. How is the security situation in Ethiopia?

Our government has invested on security for not only its local peoples but even its visitors in general safety of tourists is 99% safe because we prepare all tour packages by considering the safety of the attractions, so currently we have some destinations we can not guaranty about the safety so we don’t send our tourists to those destinations but in most of the tourist destinations it is safe for tourists.

9. What is the medical situation?

For remote areas you should have to bring Anti-itch cream, insect repellent containing DEET and yellow fever vaccine(Must), this depends on the tour activity and the area you will travel, we will let you know this when you book a tour.

10. How to travel in the pandemic time?

Since Covid 19 changed our world health issue also in Ethiopia there are certain rules applied by Ethiopian ministry of health, every tourist must give PCR test before and after arrival in Ethiopia this will apply also after the tour, wearing a face mask, social distancing should have to apply, and there is no quarantine in Ethiopia as soon as you have the negative test result you can start the tour.

11. What to wear?

Visitors should have to bring hat, mittens and jacket for the highland areas which is going to be cold, in the sunny areas also you should bring sunglass, light cloth and comfortable shoes.

12. Is that available to bring my Electronics device?

Sure. You can bring your camera, I pod, Tablet, laptop and cell phone, but those devices not to be more than one per person, if it is you may pay tax.

13. Should I bring an AC adaptor?

That sound is good. bring your universal AC adaptor it is hard to find here .The standard electrical current in Ethiopia is 220VAc, 50 Hz Electrical plugs are the two pin European type so If your country use similar to this you don’t have to bring AC adaptor just bring your charger for your device , So you can easily charge your devices.

14. Can I access the internet?

Yes, getting online is became easier specially in cities and towns of Ethiopia through your phone also you can find WI-FI hot -spot net works at many Hotels and there are internet cafes in cities and towns.

15. Can I use cell phone while in Ethiopia?

Sure, you can bring your phone device which should be GSM mobile phone system just like Europe so we can help by giving you Ethiopian SIM card so you can easily communicate with.

16. What is the current exchange rate?

The local Ethiopian currency is Birr (ETB) made up of 100 cents; there are birr notes of 5, 10, 50, 100 & 200. The exchange rate is fluctuating time to time but 1 US $ is exchange between by 45 up to 55 (ETB).

17. What time is it in Ethiopia right now?

Ethiopia follows one time zone which is 3 hours ahead of Green which Mean Time (GMT+3) Please visit this website also let you see the time difference from your country.

18. I am traveling alone what you advice?

We welcome single travelers. There are two alternatives for solo travelers ,the first is we can operate your tour by joining other groups ,but if there is no departure on your date we will provide you our service by competitive price.

19. What I do next after I decided to book with your company?

Thank you for your choice. Travelers should send their full information which is passport ,air flight ticket to Ethiopia which included depart date and arriving date & time this documents should be scan then you will send it to our email address this help us to make hotel& lodge bookings also to make your vacation more interesting. When you send your full documents our tour guides welcome you at Addis Ababa Bole international air port on your arrival.

20. Which air line fly to Ethiopia?

We suggest you to fly with Ethiopian air lines because you will get a discount for the domestic flight also you can come directly from your home town without a transit, Ethiopian air lines have many destinations in Europe, North America & Asia, but there are also other air lines fly to Ethiopia such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Turkish, Kenyan air ways, and others.