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July 19, 2021


Sof Omar cave is found in bale province of Ethiopia this cave formed by the flowing of Weyib River runs through the long mountain this repeated flow of the web river make the longest cave system in Ethiopia also in Africa the cave is 15 km long.

There are more than 40 Entrances for this cave but only 4 are dominants the cave is named by the former Muslim sheikh Sof Omar Ahmed he reputedly taking refuge here in the late 11 and early 12 century, Ayiew Maco is a place where this river sinks the name Ayiew is the daughter of Sof Omar then the river appears at Holuca after 1 km this actions makes the cave more interesting you can watch the Amazing lime stone which makes attractive shape also formed a shaped of colons , You can see this cave by walk but you will cross the river Sven times so this take awhile but there are available small boats.