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Ethiopia also known as Abyssinia, is one of the oldest nation in the world age of 3,000 years and the origin of modern humans (Homo sapiens) early hominid fossils discovered in Ethiopia such as the 3.18 million years Australopithecus Afarensis, or “Lucy” (Denknesh) and the 4.4 million years Ardi discovered in the lower Awash valley this place is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Axumite kingdom is been one of the ancient powerful kingdom in the world since 1st century A.D that its power impact for southern Arabia, Asia and Egypt, during this Empire Christianity introduce to Ethiopia, Ethiopians make alphabets and calendar which is composed of 13 months & 7 years earlier than GC, there are many pre historic telling places & materials of this kingdom Such as the magnificent Axum obelisks still standing in Axum town which is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, the coins that used by the kingdom and the Archeological sites are to be seen in Ethiopia, after 10th Century AD the kingdom start to decline then the Zagwe kingdom took the reign and form its capital in Lalibela you can see the standing magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which are erected in late 11 century they are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Ethiopia is the only nation in Africa who never colonized by European powers, Ethiopians defeated the modern Italian tropes at the battle of Adawa in 1896 by the leader of Emperor Minilik 2nd , and this is the reason why many African countries use the Ethiopian flag as their symbol which is green, yellow & red.

Facts About Ethiopia

  • Do you know that Ethiopia is the origin of mankind?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia is a 3,000 years of early civilization?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia is a country which introduces coffee to the rest of the world from Kaffa area?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia have got own calendar which is composed of 13 months?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia have own alphabet system?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia accepted Jews for first time during King Solomon?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia the first nation in Africa who accepted Christianity and Muslim religions?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia have more than 83 different hospitality nation nationalities live with their diverse culture?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia is never colonized nation in Africa?
  • Do you know that Ethiopia have 10 world heritage sites & 2 intangible cultural heritages?

Geography and climate

Ethiopia is situated in East Africa, bordered with 5 countries, Ethiopia covers an area of 1,127,127 square km with different climate and different geological backgrounds from the lowest Dallol Depression which is 120 meters below sea level to the top of 4,500 meter mountain peak called Ras Dashen, the Dallol depression is one of the lowest land in Africa, you can see the extraordinary formations such as active volcano of Ert-Ale and the yellow sulfur formation landscapes.The Great Rift Valley pass through Ethiopia and separate the high lands of Ethiopia and the lowlands, Ethiopia located in the tropics due to this Ethiopia consists different climates in general the high lands above 1,500 enjoy a pleasant temperature climate, in area below 1,500 meters such as Afar and Somalia regions range a day time temperature of 30°C to 45°C this depends on differences in elevation and season.The Ethiopian highlands are one of the main origin of major rivers such as Abay(Blue Nile) the longest river in world, Awash river, the Baro river, Genale, Omo & Wabe Shebelle are the major rivers in Ethiopia.

Natural Gifts

  • Ethiopia is the origin of coffee, the word coffee by itself derived from the area of “KAFFA” this place is found in South western part of the country, you can find wide organic coffee farm also coffee grow in wild forests, Ethiopia is one of the top coffee Exporter in Africa.
  • Ethiopia is reached by the indigenous forests which are found in Western and south west of Ethiopia; Ethiopia registered two forests in UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.
  • Ethiopia have 279 mammal species among those 31 are endemic to Ethiopia only recorded in Ethiopia, and 924 birds species recorded in Ethiopia among those 23 are endemic to Ethiopia only recorded in Ethiopia
  • There are large varieties of Flora and Fauna vegetations, Ethiopian high lands can grow different species of flowers, Ethiopia is one of the top Flower Exporter in Africa.
  • Ethiopia have got many lakes among those the rift valley lakes are large in number, lake Tana is one of the biggest lake in Ethiopia cover an area of 3673km2 UNESCO registered the lake as a biosphere reserve , it is the starting point of Abay (Blue Nile) river the longest river in the world.


  • Ethiopia has 83 diverse ethnic groups with different customs and traditions some of them are very amazing.
  • There are more than 70 languages spoken in Ethiopia most belong to Semetic, Cushitic and Afro-Asiatic language families, Amharic is the working language in Ethiopia this language grouped in Semitic language family.
  • Most of Ethiopian people have the religion of orthodox Christianity and Islam.
  • The Ethiopian cultural close is called Shemma (Yager Libse) but depending on the area and the language it have different names, it is made by cotton, with different colorful patterns.
  • Ethiopian people use different types of musical instruments in different festivals & events such as Begenna, Kirar,Kebero, Mesinko & Melekot are among those.
  • Ethiopia has a population of 110 million + .
  • Ethiopia recorded 10 world heritage sites and 2 intangible heritages this makes Ethiopia 1st place in Africa.

Food and drinks

By most of Ethiopian people “Enjera” is a main dish, this food is getting popularity in the world, Enjera is made from Teff flour it has an attractive nutrition profile, Teff is a small grains believed that originated between 4000BC and 1000 BC, Enjera serve with different condiments such as Doro Wote, Shiro Wote and other, also Kocho which is made by false banana, Chiko, Chechebsa and Tihlo are the most popular dishes in Ethiopia.Ethiopia have a lot of traditional beverage among those coffee is one of the top popular beverage in every corner of the country, also Tej, Tella, Borde and Areke are the most popular alcoholic drinks in Ethiopia.