Ethiopia UNESCO forests

Elu Abba Bora zone is found in south west of Ethiopia , this area is the most popular origin of coffee Arabica, the main attraction of the area is:-

Yayu forest:- it is the most important natural reservation where you can see vast number of big trees, you can also find an attractive water falls in the breath taking land escape.

Sheka forest:- it is found in the south western part of Ethiopia the forest cover a unique biosphere unit which plays significant role to keep the environment, most of the forest is rainforest and alpine bamboo thicket.

Those two forests are a UNESCO sites, UNESCO gives recognition for those forests by their impact to the environmental protection and habitat protection, those forests harbor so many plant and animals species, you can find over 300 species of birds, 50 mammals, 300 higher plants and 20 amphibians species occurring in all habitat types.

NB:- Depending on your needs we will make a tour package for the above places.

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