Adady mariam and Tiya Stele

Adady Mariam

Adady Mariam is an ancient rock-hewn church which is founded by king Lalibela in 13th century during his visit to southern Ethiopia of mount Zuqualla, as like of other king Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches Adadi Mariam is the most significant church which is found only 50km from the capital Addis Ababa.

Melka Kunture

Melka Kunture is one of the archeological sites of Ethiopia, the site is found nearby Adady Mariam, there are ancient pre-historic tools founded in the site which are kept in small museum.

Tiya Stele

Tiya is also one of the most important archeological sites of Ethiopia which is found near to Melka Kunture, the site contains 36 monuments including 32 carved steles, believe that it’s been erected between 10 to 14 century; this site is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites of Ethiopia.

Tour Code: AET-28

Duration: 1 day

Type of tour:- sightseeing & Historical

Mode of transport:- minibus


Package Details


Day 1:-
in the morning we pick you up from where you stayed then drive to those historical and archeological sites after 45 minutes drive visiting the ancient rock-hewn church of Adady Mariam, then drive 5km to visit Melka Kunture archeological site after that we continue drive to Tiya archeological site to watch the carved steles which is one of Ethiopian UNESCO site after all those sites drive back to Addis Ababa..


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