Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully, we are committed to undertake your holiday with the following terms.

  1. If it is necessary A one Ethiopia tours have the right to employ sub contractors for the tour.
  2. A one Ethiopia tours believes that a person who booked a tour with us is physically fit to actively participate in the tour, but if you have any medical condition or disability you should have to tell us before you book the tour and we will consider it as a special case but if this wouldn’t happen we are not responsible for any injury.
  3. Our company is not responsible for any injury & damages given by other suppliers this include Air lines delay, baggage and other stuff missing, hotel and other accommodations problems, A one Ethiopia tours PLC only act as an agent in this matters.
  4. While you are in Ethiopia you should have to be under Ethiopian laws and regulations, clients should have to aware this.
  5. While you are on the tour with us you should have to accept our company decisions made by our tour leaders to provide you a special service this change occurs rarely with different situations such as road condition, climate, government regulations and safety, we have a right to change the itineraries in such condition.
  6. Up on arrival in Ethiopia clients should have to pay the full payment by signing the agreement paper if it is not we are not responsible to start the tour, if you pay an advance payment through bank transfer it will be include in the tour price.

A one Ethiopia tours PLC

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