Visit the breathtaking rock hewn churches of Lalibela!

Lalibela also known as the second Jerusalem where you can see the 11 famous monolithic rock hewn churches with amazing architectural skill, those churches erected in 12th century by king Lalibela after his visit to the Holy Land decided to create the New Jerusalem.

Discover the important historical sites in Axum!

Axum (Aksum) is been the great empire in the world history from the 1st to 10th centuries A.D , the home of the Sacred Ark of the Covenant & Queen of Sheba, Axum town is been the first capital city of Abyssinia where you can see the 1,700 years standing obelisks.

Enjoy the unforgettable tour to Fasil Palace!

The Fasil Ghebbi is founded by King Fasil in 16th century this palace have amazing architectural design it is two story battlemented structures which have got a big Dom, you can see other palaces inside the compound built by various emperors those palaces found in the historical town of Gonder.

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